Alison Daly

I have over 30 years experience in our fantastic industry which I feel so passionate about and I just love to see people succeeding and achieving!

Through our focused, motivational calls - I will challenge you, push you and encourage you to achieve your goals, having fun along the way. I'll tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear and help you with the skills you need to grow your business to generate the profits you deserve. 

I'll support you every step of the journey – you never need to feel overwhelmed or alone again!

My three core strengths are:

  • Support
  • Encourage
  • Inspire
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A bit more about me and my background

Well where do I start…?! I've had many roles in this industry from apprentice, stylist, regional manager, salon owner and now business coach too!

I'm married and have 3 children, two of which are now adults and are the most honest, 'say it as it is' people I’ve ever met, with strong work ethics.

My first salon I have had for 21 years and the second for 12 years. I've done extensive training with Alan and The Fantastic Hairdresser over the years and truly believe that the strategies work - “Where you put your focus is where you get your results” and “Walk the talk” are two of my favourites... And I understand the challenges that business owners go through - feeling like you don’t have enough time, feeling alone, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin - it isn’t easy!

I will help you set achievable goals with a clear strategy and support you on your journey, gaining the skills you need to grow your business to generate the profits you deserve as well as developing your Team and YOURSELF. 

"Being a salon owner can be really lonely and having Alison with all her experience on hand to help me and even just to have someone to confide in has helped me no end. My salon profits have grown and I definitely feel that the investment I made into having a salon coach has paid off." - Donna Young, Locks & Shades

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"My coach walked me through the financial backbone of my business and within the first 3 months, I started to see results!" - Cathy Hamilton

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Client Testimonials

Donna Young

''Before I started with Alison, I had become a bit lost. I knew what I wanted to achieve but hadn’t broken my goals down and I certainly didn’t have an action plan of how I was going to achieve them. Speaking with Alison regularly kept me accountable and she has given me so many new ideas that have transformed my salon. My personal confidence in my business has grown and I now know what I need to achieve and how I’m going to get there. I can’t recommend Alison and the Fantastic coaching process enough!”


Richard McDonald

''After 7 years in business, I felt I needed someone to refocus me. Alison helped me to get a focus on the parts of the business that I was putting off. The regular Skype calls helped me to make sure I worked to a timescale &
I now have much better systems in place for the future. Definitely to be

Emma Quirke

What can I say, having Alison as a coach was a game-changer for me - especially when I’m a relatively new business owner. The support I received from Alison was fantastic and also it was nice having a coach who understood my needs and expectations from my business!! All I can say is a big “THANK YOU”. I would highly recommend this lady to anybody who is looking for a business coach. I'll certainly be working with Alison again.''

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