Emma Usher

I am a down to earth, passionate, strong coach.  I strive to help anyone, who wants support to achieve better, in all areas of their life. With over 22 years experience in this fabulous industry I will do for your business what a PT does for your health. I will make your sessions enjoyable, exciting, strong, focused and very motivational, and I will guarantee to put the spring back in your step. 

My three core strengths are:

  • Motivation and making things easy to understand - even the numbers 
  • Development of education plans and business growth
  • Management and team mentoring
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A bit more about me and my background

So about me… I ran my own franchise salon for 7 years and I've been a Manager, Educational Director and Art Director for some incredible businesses here in the UK and in Australia. I've also had extensive training with Alan over the last 14 years and lived by the Fantastic Hairdresser concepts throughout this time. 

I started coaching two years ago now - it really felt like the natural progression for me within this industry, with my background. I have since started coaching other sectors, and now have clients all over the world, which keep me very happy and busy. 

From business health checks, to business plans, to the money plans, to education plans, to team development, to the perfect client journey, to the marketing strategy, we will cover it all together. I can also coach your team, deliver team meetings, work with your co-ordinators, train your educators, and mentor your management team. 

I am there for you, and your needs, for your business, for your goals. I provide a personal, relatable, 100% invested relationship with all my clients.  I am a straight talking, no messing, no judgment, sounding board for you and your business. I will help you decide where your focus needs to be, we will look at you holistically, making sure you have that true work life balance, and make sure the big ‘WHY’ is actually being worked on. 

I will help you swap the stress and frustration for excitement and solid action - all from what YOU want to achieve from YOUR goals. 

All thrown in with lots of laughs and stories, because after all ‘Life is a journey, not a destination” and we certainly need to enjoy the ride :) 

Emma xx

"If you want a coach to support you, help you grow as a person and as a business, definitely choose Emma! I couldn’t think of a better coach, mentor, consultant and friend to have my back!" - Lisa Devanny

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"My coach walked me through the financial backbone of my business and within the first 3 months, I started to see results!" - Cathy Hamilton

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Client Testimonials

Tara Kidd, Tara Rose Salons

"Working with Emma has been a breath of fresh air, she’s given me focus and really helped my business. She's now also working with my salon managers which has been a total game changer as they have complete support in achieving goals and targets. Not only has she got a great business head, she also supports you with all the emotions you face along the way. Totally 100% recommend Emma. The cost of coaching is small in comparison to what you can achieve not only financially, but also how much you can grow as a person. Thanks so much Emma."

Suzanne Dolan, Adam Gayle

"What can I say about Emma - only that she's a god send. She has transformed me as a business person and made me focus and prioritize what's important in business and also in my personal life. She's a great mentor and brilliant at helping with issues in the business. Emma makes me look at things logically, something I wouldn't normally do and has definitely helped me to stop putting difficult issues off and to deal with them head on - with her help I've stopped burying my head in the sand!!! Everyone needs an Emma in their life that's for sure, she's the best!"

Robyn Gargan

"In our work together so far we have been focusing on career transition & self growth. Emma is always encouraging, trustworthy, and a patient & insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams.

Emma provides amazing value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth, change and resilience. 
I can highly recommend Emma as a life and career coach."

Anthony Walsh, Mane H&B

"Emma is fantastic at what she does. She is so easy to talk to, is logical and really cares for her clients. I really look forward to our calls. I’ve only just started but already I’m seeing a clearer picture, she’s helped me make decisions, put plans in place and given me a structure to those plans.

I’m very optimistic for the future with Emma by my side, I’m so grateful to have found her."

Lisa Devanny, Industry Salon

"I had to take over a salon with no prior experience of how to run one during Covid, as you can imagine, it’s been a challenge to say the least! Emma has dedicated her time to ensure that I am fully supported in this new venture. Her vast experience within the hair industry has been crucial to the success of my business, I couldn’t have found a better coach. Not only does Emma work with you, she offers on-going support when ever you need it. She wants you to excel in all parts of your life. It’s all about finding out ‘why’ you want to succeed and the rest falls into place..."

Daisy Cropper

"I took on a new role as salon manager this year and was finding myself a bit out my depth. As a hairdresser being sat in an office on a computer, looking at figures is not easy. Since working with Emma she has shown me ways to understand and not feel like I’m drowning in numbers.

She makes me feel relaxed and if I don’t understand, she will find another way so I do. She very much caters to your personal needs. I would recommend Emma to anybody. She’s helped me hugely."

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