Joanna Stephens

Hey I’m Joanna!

After over 40 successful years in the awesome hair and beauty business, I am now delighted to be spending my time helping salon owners to achieve success.
The Fantastic Hairdresser has been the corner stone of my business and I believe it and its common sense teaching whole heartedly...
I will help you to see your full potential & build a plan you will love!!

My three core strengths are:

  • Creativity – thinking out of the box
  • Vision – to plan the big picture
  • Knowledge – 40+ years of experience to share
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A bit more about me and my background

Joanna Stephens - Oh So Easy - Visual Coach & Social Media Manger

See the potential in yourself and your business... With me.

Don’t you think it’s a beautiful thing when a passion and career come together?

I believe our lives are our “Master Pieces”; we get out of our life, on the whole, what we put in.

My Passion as a coach is to inspire you to develop a business plan over 2 years which will enable you to create a masterpiece you will love. It will have a revolutionary strategy, which will develop your committed team, who delight your clients - turning them into raving fans, which not only drives your financial plan forwards towards your profit goal, but also speeds up the unique marketing plan you build, along too.

My tools for your success include working together with you on your 2 year plan, which will create the profit you want and need for yourself and to move your business forwards.
Using your leadership and management skills, we will draw up a map to get you to where you want to go and the momentum will come from your WHY?

What is your WHY?
WHY do you want to be successful?

It’s not about stuff or money, but, something far deeper.

If you know why you want to achieve your goal that’s great!! Having a strong enough WHY, is the key to success.

I believe I can help you, both developing your WHY and creating your business plan... If you believe in me, get your free session booked in with me below...

"I can honestly say the motivation and understanding of what was needed for my business
was really inspirational and motivating"
- Marie Dennis

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"My coach walked me through the financial backbone of my business and within the first 3 months, I started to see results!" - Cathy Hamilton

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Client Testimonials

  Marie Dennis

"Our business image needed to be updated and the profile of our company needed a sharper presence without changing the company identity to ensure that our audience still related to us within the local community.
Joanna held a unique marketing training session in our office with our team members, this was important to us as it bought the whole team together to work on ideas and unique
angles we had to move our image forwards.
The session was full of insights into how social media works and what it can give us as a
company, we had no idea it had so much to offer us!
Joanna’s delivery made it seem easy for us to achieve the recognition we are looking for and
together as a team we created some awesome ideas...".

Kenlee Taylor

Everyone needs a fantastic hairdresser coach to prioritise your goals and get them done rather than just feeling overwhelmed!"

Marie Dennis

"After being in business for nearly 30 years, having many policies and procedures in place
which work effectively and as the saying goes if not broken don’t fix it. However when the first National Lockdown was endorsed in March 2020 over a very short period of time our business had to be re-born. New strategies and company values needed to be put into place quickly and readjust the profit and loss to ensure the budgets were accurate with daily cash flows in place.
Joanna was able in a very short period of time to identify the strengths and weakness which
made a clear path for all to be focused on and to evaluate the old thinking to new updated
I can honestly say the motivation and understanding of what was needed for my business was really inspirational and motivating"

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