Kerrie Murphy 

Nineteen years ago, I completely fell in love with this industry! 

In that time, I've been lucky enough to develop my skills as a manager, general manager and co-operate Director, all over the world - so I fully understand the day to day challenges of running a salon and growing a business!

I believe with my support, I can help you to rekindle the passion, focus and inspiration you need to make your business a success - helping you with time management, motivating and managing your team, improving your client service and more importantly, helping you to grow your business to make it as successful and profitable as it can be!

My three core strengths are:

  • Motivation - I will find what motivates you, helping to keep your passion alive!
  • Support - Everyone is unique, by truly listening to you, I can understand how I can help you grow your business
  • Business Development - Business is forever changing, with my help you can run your business more efficiently, maximising opportunities to the full
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A bit more about me and my background

Originally from a retail management and banking background, I’m very trustworthy and I have had the privilege of working with some truly amazing salons around the world, offering coaching, mentoring and consultancy.

I have in depth experience working with small independent salons through to large salon groups within the UK, Portugal, Ireland, Dubai and Egypt to name but a few.

Sometimes business coaching is taught by coaches who only do ‘theoretical’ – I have helped salon owners to grow their businesses, sharing my wealth of knowledge to help them achieve their goals, helping salon owners to find their passion once again. 

No matter how big, small or experienced we are, we all have one thing in common - we need someone to hold us accountable and keep us focused and motivated - consistently! And that's exactly what I'll do!

Working with hairdressers over the years, I've noticed the two most common types of salon owner/manager I come across are stuck in one of two scenarios - they're either working 6/7 days a week to pay the bills (often paying themselves less than they should be earning) and then not having the time to really look at how well their business is actually doing, OR they lose their passion for hair as the business side dominates and takes over their lives.

Respectfully and empathetically, I can help you find a balance, to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and to get your mojo back!

I very much look forward to working with you and sharing your journey.

Kerrie x

"I’ve used Kerrie both personally and with my management team for several years now and can’t seem to visualize business without this unique and passionate support, truly fantastic." - Mark Brown, Barber Brown

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"My coach walked me through the financial backbone of my business and within the first 3 months, I started to see results!" - Cathy Hamilton

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Client Testimonials


"Coaching has given me back my interest in my business when I was ready to throw in the towel."

Mark Brown

"My greatest success has come in the moments where I have sought help and guidance. I have a network, as most in business do, successful friends, accountants and business acquaintances. However, none matches the support and equity of Kerrie.

She keeps me true, tells me how it is when she needs to and manages my dogmatic, no nonsense character with ease. 

Bring Kerrie your ideas, your big ideas she’s accustom and comfortable supporting them all."

Cathy Hamilton

"Where I fall weak on areas in my business Kerrie is my strength and support. She walks me through the financial backbone of the business and within the first three months I started to see results."

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