Paolo Andreuccetti

I love seeing people succeed, which is why I decided to become a fantastic coach!

With over 20 years of hairdressing experience - starting out as a stylist, to salon manager, to running my own business - I completely understand the stresses and pressures at all levels, from all sides!

What I'll be for you, is the perfect balance between supportive and driven. I want to see you hit your targets, but I also want you to enjoy the process and journey getting there. Through hard work, motivation and passion - everything is achievable.

My three core strengths are:

  • Passionate to watch you succeed
  • Communication - to unlock your potential 
  • Motivational - for those times when the clouds cover the sun
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A bit more about me and my background

Well I'm a Scottish/Italian hairdresser, having worked both in Italy and the UK over the years.

I've been running my own business in this amazing industry of ours for the last 12 years but it was back in my days as a salon manager that I decided it was time to learn from Alan Austin-Smith on the best way to do things; - Education has always been a passion of mine, having trained stylists throughout the UK, Ireland and Italy, as well as previously fulfilling my post as a part-time lecturer at college. I have decided it's time to give back and pass on my skills to help other business owners like myself to grow both on a personal and business level.

What the coaching programme provides is a clear path to not only where you want to go but also how to get there. This is why I believe in it so strongly! Whether you're a numbers person, a people’s person, a creative... etc. - this programme is tailored to your needs, your strengths and weaknesses.

Ever since I first trained assistants in the salon as a new stylist, I've always been inspired by people learning, growing and developing. On a personal level, there is no greater feeling of knowing you made something that bit better in someone else’s life. This is why my career development has taken me here. After being asked to join the Fantastic Coaching Team, I have learnt and developed a host of new skills that I would love to share with you. I'm friendly and approachable, however, as your coach, I will push and strive to make you the best you can be. I can’t wait to get started.

''Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today''

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"My coach walked me through the financial backbone of my business and within the first 3 months, I started to see results!" - Cathy Hamilton

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Client Testimonials

Dayna Roach

"I started off winging it. Now with the tools, guidance and encouragement Paolo has taught me, I am no longer winging it. Now I have the confidence and the knowledge to run a successful salon business.”

Sarah Duffy

“Paolo is the best coach I’ve
ever had!!”

Eirinn Fleming

"Paolo as a coach has been such a huge help to me and my salon, especially during the pandemic! He's lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders and I cannot wait to continue working with him.”

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