Your Business Health Check..

This introductory coaching session will help you in 3 areas - for just £5 (full £5 donated to the Hair & Beauty Charity - formerly The Hairdresser's Charity)

1. The chance to understand how 'Fantastic Coaching' can help you to focus on growth in your business. With the guidance of one of our coaches, you will get a valuable insight into what needs to change in your business by identifying what's working and what isn't!
2. You will get immediate access to two amazing INVESTIGATE tools - The Fantastic Salon Audit and The Fantastic Balanced Leadership Assessment to help both you and your coach to identify exactly where you need to put your focus to choose the best route to success.
3. A 'one to one' coaching telephone call to go through the results of the questionnaires and to answer any questions you may have. Your coach will then take you through the final tool of INVESTIGATE - The 5 Pillars Audit - which gives you a perfect visual understanding on where to focus your action to achieve the balance your business needs for success.

IT'S BASICALLY FREE! (with a £5 donation to the Hair & Beauty Charity) SO WHY NOT?!

Get incredibly valuable content for your business and there's absolutely no commitment to continue with a coach after :)

You don't have to start right now, sign up and you'll get a reminder so that you can start your Coaching Session whenever suits you...
Go on......... you know it's worth it!


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